The New Site and the Way Forward

I've started rebuilding the site with Gutenberg now that I actually have something to show for the past couple years (!) of on-and-off work. I figure a dev blog will be good to have when I look back on this project, even if I don't update it that often (the blog, not the project). It'll probably take me a while to get the site in order since my HTML/CSS skills are rusty, but the old site was impossible to maintain so this ought to make things easier.

As for the project itself, the client is coming along nicely -- I'm hoping to reach a playable state by the end of the year, even if there are still some graphical bugs. Now that the infrastructure is there for networking, input, rendering, and sound, I can start work on the little things. The devil is in the details, etc.

Defining the ultimate scope of the first alpha release is probably going to be one of the biggest challenges. There are so many features I could add to the engine, and I suspect many of them are far more complicated than they seem on the surface. Failed past projects have taught me to be wary of feature creep, so the alpha will most likely just be a working client and server -- no tools, no installers, no plugin support or anything like that. With any luck I'll be there soon.